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1) Which one is NOT an option to configure Individual newsgroup?
a) Specify a moderator
b) Logging newsgroup connection
c) Pulling newsgroup information from another newsgroup server
d) Automatically adding newsgroup to a user's portfolio database

2) Where is the location of the User's Internet password stored?
a) Desktop.dsk
b) Person document
c) Location document
d) Workstation document

3) Using a Web browser, Alan cannot authenticate Server B, a domino server.
Anonymous HTTP is not enabled. What has gone wrong?
a) Jay has not supplied the password
b) Maximum number of threat has been exceeded
c) Jay has person document in the Public Address Book
d) There is not cross certificate for Jay in the Public Address Book

4) What should Server A effective Right be on server B of the app.nsf given
the following
- Server A makes the APP.NSF available exclusively to web client
- Server B makes the APP.NSF available exclusively to Notes Client
- Replication occur between 2 server once a day
- All client reference this application for phone number
- Phone number are added by notes client on server B.
What is the Effective right?
a) Author
b) Editor
c) Reader
d) Manager

5) An agent is run as a result of saving document for web client. However,
the agent also update fields in other document with the same database. How
should Karen, the server administrator established so that agent can run
a) Add database replica ID to the ACL as Editors
b) Sign the Agent using Several ID, then add server to ACL as Editor
c) Allow the server to run as background agent in the Agent manager section
of the several document
d) Add the Group "Web User" to the ACL as Author, then force the user to
authenticate when accessing the server

6) Alan used to default Domino file web structure to setup his company
website. Under this structure, where did he place his NON-NOTES Home Page?
a) \HTML

7) Micheal used to default Domino file web structure to setup his company
website. Under this structure, where did he place his NOTES Home Page?
a) \HTML

8) Alan find that his bookmark no longer work? What happened?
a) Directory linking was used
b) Database linking was used
c) A URL was not mapped to a new URL
d) Her browser does not support bookmarks

One scheduling replication the Call at times is 9:00 to 18:00, the interval
is 60 min. what is the first and second replication time if the replication
time is 7 min.
a. 9:00, 10:00
b. 9:00, 10:07
c: 9:00, 11:00
d: 9:00, 18:00
Answer :

9) How do you minimize Replication conflict?
a) Merge replication conflict FORM property
b) Merge replication conflict DATABASE property
c) Inherit value of select FORM document
d) Inherit value of select DATABASE document

10) Alan has enabled logging for her Domino server. He noticed that only IP
Address are being logged. What must he do to make sure that the DNS address,
if available are logged as well
a) Use Log DNS Setting
b) Use Access Log setting
c) Use DNS lookup setting
d) Use TCP/IP Log setting

11) How do you trace a user IP Address?
a) Agent
b) Error
c) Access
d) Referer

12) Mary has disabled DNS lookup option in the server document. What is the
likely result?
a) Internet mail cannot be routed
b) Server performance will be degraded
c) Domino log file will contain IP Address
d) Host name of requesting client will be recorded

13) Which several task is not available in Domino server
a) Event
b) Report
c) Collect
d) Firewall

14) When web client access a very large document on Server A, they keep
timing out, what can the Administrator do to reduce the errors
a) CGI Timeout
b) Input Timeout
c) Output timeout
d) Idle thread timeout

15) Alan customer reports that his server hang when they try to access it.
The log shows a grate deal of traffic. What should Alan check?
a) MDM File
b) Sever resource
c) Idle thread timeout
d) Directory to which the graphic was stored

16) Susan, a web client complaint that it take too long to view the company
product catalog. How to improve access speed on the company product catalog?
a) Link graphic to GIF File
b) Convert graphics to Interface GIF file
c) Convert graphics to Progressive GIF File
d) Convert graphic to GIC file using 256 color'

17) Alan want to use a web browser to administer Server A. Which filed in
the Server document must reference her name?
a) Access server
b) Calling server
c) Administrator
d) Administrator the server from a browser

18) App1.nsf has reached the maximum of 1GB. How to increase the maximum
size to 4GB?
a) Change the Quota
b) Make a Database copy
c) Using the Compact task
d) Nothing. It cannot be done

 19) Joan is a Domino Administrator . She is investigating a problem with
data not being added to the Legacy system. The following are the result?
- Appl.nsf on server A uses an agent to add data to the legacy system using
ODBC and lotus script of web client
- The agent is trigger in the Form which is created by web client

b) Server Access List
c) Agent Manager Setting
d) ACL on the Legacy system

20) Alan has successfully load the AdminP. When he try to use the AdminP, it
is not working. What did she forget to crate?
a) Log.nsf
b) Admin4.nsf
c) Certlog.nsf
d) Catalog.nsf

21) Alan is setting up SSL on website for testing purpose. What should he
a) Create Key ring
b) Set the SSL port in the server document to disabled
c) Merge a certified certificate from an Internal Certificate Authority?
d) Send a certificate request to Verisign or other commercially recognized

22)What should Alan NOT do when setting SSL key ring certified by a
Commercial recognized certifier?
a) Create a certificate authority key ring
b) Create a key ring and certificate request
c) Merge a certifier certificate into a key ring
d) Send a certificate request to the certifier of choice

23) How can Mary host two sites n a server with two TCP/IP Address?
a) This cannot be done
b) She must create two documents in the Domcfg.nsf
c) She must create two server document , one for each TCP/IP Address
d) Must add the URLS to the Home URL section of the server document

24) Karen want to host web site for two of her client on a Domino server.
Which one of the following is required?
a) Notes Client
b) Separate IP Address
c) Separate ISP Vendor
d) Separate Physical Server

25) What is the difference between a Note Client and a Web Client?
a) Only Notes client can have a Person document
b) Notes client must have certified ID which web client do not
c) Web client require a client certificate which Notes Clients do not

26) Alan is attempting his company website. Which of the following security
option is NOT available for the browser?
a) Roles
b) Reader fields
c) Disabled printing
d) ACL

27. The Web Clients cannot connect to domino, even through the notes client
no problem. What problem they have ?
a. Remap the URL
b. Assume a network problem
c. ensure that the web server task running
d. ensure that the HTTP server task running
Answer :

28) . After the administrator move the app1.nsf from server A to server B.
When the user use the application to send a message. The server return the
mail to user called" mail undeliverable" . Which information they need to
a. Group
b. person
c. server
d. mail to database
Answer :

29) . The Administrator move a linked page to a new address, the graphic
cannot access from the page. What link they are use ?
a. HTML link.
b. view link.
c. Database link.
d. Document link.
Answer :

30). When the administrator move an application from server A to server B,
the user would see the message about "cross certificate information" , how
can they fix it ?
a. Change ACL.
b. re-create application.
c. Sign application ID.
d. new replica.
Answer :

31) . In the server which have 12 replica. Administrator found that one
replica have not success the replication on every time. What have the server
have ?
a. Documents had been encrypted and the hub server lacked the necessary
encryption key.
b. The Spoke Server only had editor access in the ACL on the hub server's
copy of data.
c. The hub server was not included in the Reader name fields
d. none of above.
Answer :

32). Which one is correct for scheduling replication ?
a. replication schedule are predetermined by the Replicator
b. Only one connection document is needed for any schedule replication
c. The sequence of replication depends on the scheduling of replication.
d. replication can only occur between two server using connection documents
Answer :

33. Which parameter can improve the site access speed ?
a. access log.
b. idle thread timeout.
c. Garbage collection.
d. Image conversion format.

34. User found that the disk space nearly full. Which one can reduce the
disk space ?
a. Turn off garbage collection.
b. reduce the maximum cache size.
c. reduce the maximum number of threads.
d. Change the image format from GIF to JPEG
Answer :

35. ServerA/OU1A/ORG have a Default Settings, is any modify necessary to
allow USER2/OU1A/ORG to access ServerA/OU1A/ORG ?
a. nothing.
b. get a key ring for the CA
c. Modify the server document.
d. Modify USER2/OU1A/ORG's person document.
Answer :

36. Which one is not purpose to modify the disk cache for images and files
options in server document?
a. To speed up access to the website.
b. To prevent the disk cache from growing too large.
c. To limit the volume of HTML traffic over the internet.
d. To delete files in a timely manner when the maximum cache size is
Answer :

37. On server are three applications used by one outside corporation . What
can be used to isolation the application?
a. URL links
b. Directory Links
c. Admin process
d. consistent ACLs
Answer :

38: Administrator want to restrict access to a specific document ?
a. user Authors fields.
b. user readers fields.
c. user name definitions
d. move restricted documents to new directory.
Answer :